Testosterone Quick Start (TQS) consultation
This consultation is to consider adding testosterone to your current HRT regime

Testosterone Quick Start (TQS) consultation

This consultation is to consider adding testosterone to your current HRT regime. If you want a full HRT review with the addition of testosterone please book a full new patient assessment.

Testosterone is an important sex hormone for women: it helps to maintain muscle and bone strength, improves your libido and helps with your overall sense of wellbeing.

During the perimenopause and menopause, levels of the hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone fall. You have hormone receptors throughout your body, so topping up or replacing hormones through taking HRT is crucial not only to help improve symptoms, but also to safeguard your future health.

The NICE menopause guidelines recommend testosterone if you are experiencing low sex drive and HRT alone is not helping.

Patients tell us that in addition to improved libido, testosterone can help improve other menopause-related symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, fatigue as well as improving exercise tolerance.

Many menopause specialists, and increasingly GPs, are realising the widespread benefits of testosterone replacement for most women. Benefits of testosterone can include improved muscle mass and strength, enhanced concentration and clarity of thought and memory and better sleep.

The TQS consultation explained

Our TQS consultation is a shorter, more focused and lower cost appointment with a clinician to discuss your suitability for testosterone and the likely benefits of adding testosterone to your HRT regime.

A routine new patient appointment offers the opportunity to start or review your HRT AND add testosterone (a longer appointment)  If you are experiencing any unexpected bleeding please discuss this first with your HRT prescriber.

How many appointments will I need?

You will have an initial appointment  and we recommend having a follow up at four months, before moving to an annual review.

How much does the consultation typically cost?

Consultation cost: $200

Private prescription: $70 as a one off, or $200 for a year (medication not included)

Can I discuss other issues during the TQS consultation appointment?

This consultation is designed to discuss testosterone in addition to an existing HRT regime. If you would like to discuss starting estrogen and/or progesterone, or discuss your current regime as well as testosterone, please book a New Patient appointment 


Further resources

Click here for more resources about testosterone on the balance website, or download the free balance menopause support app


References: Rosato, E et al (2022), NICE (2015) ng/23, Glaser, R, Dimitrakakis, C (2013)

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